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  • Significance and Benefits of Tensile Testing May 24,2023
    Significance and Benefits of Tensile Testing The performance and strength data measured by tensile testers are important in the selection of design and materials, purchase and sale of products, development of new products, quality control, and safety of equipment. During the research stage of product development, tensile testing is crucial in choosing the most appropriate materials. A tensile test machine can verify whether candidate materials pass the required strength and elongation requirements for a certain product. In the metals industry, tensile testing provides an opportunity to discover new alloys, their qualities, and the possible uses they might have. This can lead to improved materials, which are beneficial to both manufacturers and end users. The use of a tensile strength tester in the quality control of products is also crucial. It provides manufacturers a way to identify whether there are problems in their manufacturing line. It also ensures that what they deliver to customers is safe, of high quality, and adheres with industry and international standards. The cost of not complying with industry standards may not only be monetary. At worst, it could involve human cost. Performing regular tensile testing usually costs far less than the consequences brought about by using inappropriate materials or sale of substandard products. Therefore, carrying out reliable and accurate tensile tests should be a priority.
  • Types of Tensile Tests May 24,2023
    Types of Tensile Tests One of the most significant and widely used types of mechanical testing of a material is the tensile or tension test. With the use of a tensile tester machine,a pulling force or tension is applied to a material until it fails or breaks and its response to the stress is measured. Through this test, the strength of the material can be determined, and the amount of force needed to elongate it can be measured.   There are several types of tensile test, which include the following: 1.  Adhesion or Bond Strength Test This type of tensile stress test measures the strength of the bond of a coating to a surface or item. This test is commonly associated with adhesives, laminates, tapes, sealants, electronics, and general packaging seal strength. 2.  Crimp Pull-off Test Also known as crimp pull testing, this test uses a tensile testing equipment to measure how much tensile force is needed to remove a crimped ferrule, connector, or terminal from a wire. This is usually done in the production line, as part of lifespan assessment, or together with electrical integrity for electrical wiring. 3.  Peel Test A peel or peeling test is conducted to determine the strength of adhesion or stickiness between two materials bonded with an adhesive. This measures the resistance to detachment from one another after the application of adhesive to the tensile test samples. The assessed value determines whether the bond is sufficient or too much for the intended application or whether another adhesive or bonding method should be used. 4.  Tear Resistance Test This test uses a tensile test apparatus to apply a force to an item that already has an initial tear until it completely fails or breaks. This test measures the tear resistance or the ability of tensile testing samples to resist the progress of a partial tear. This is often used in flexible materials, which are more vulnerable to accidental tears and holes. Such materials include fabrics, textiles, polymers, rubbers, elastomers, packaging, and paper products.  

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