Universal Testing Machine
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We know your concerns: what if China supplier does not keep promises, what if they do not offer fast responsive and reliable after-sales service..

Dont worry,Sansi Test, is your advantage business partner.

We believe small details make big differences. We keep a promise and can provide a comprehensive industry resources and fast support for you. Growing with distributors, benefiting the end user is our goal.


We are looking for

The one who specialized in distribution of universal testing machine and with after-sales service capability.

The one who specialized in material testing industry and would like to begin their new business.

The one who has compatible business philosophy with us.


We are providing

What do you need if you would like to start a business and cooperation with us? Here we can offer:

Area Protection, Price Support, Technical Support, Promotion Supportsuch as exhibition, etc.

Feel free to reach us for more details, waiting for you!

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