Universal Testing Machine
Industry Solutions
  • Automotive
    Automotive The automotive industry is heavily invested in making sure that their products are safe, profitable, environmentally friendly, and appealing to their customers. Common challenges associated with these goals include achieving an acceptable time to market, finding ways to reduce cost while...
  • Plastics
    Plastics Characterization of polymers’ properties is critical in the development and manufacturing processes of materials, as well as the quality control, and ultimately, in determining the functionality of a finished product.Sansi Test partners with many plastic manufacturers and optimize th...
  • Biomedical
    Biomedical testing Sansi Test provides solutions for testing of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, packaging, biomaterials, etc.Sansi Test brings a wealth of knowledge to the biomedical industry, serving as a strategic partner to companies of all sizes. Our equipment and services are primed to help...
  • EV Batteries
    EV Batteries
    ELECTRIC VEHICLE BATTERY TESTING Solutions for EV Battery Cells, Modules, and Packs As the global automotive industry trends towards electrification, battery manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to innovate and grow faster than ever before. Sansi Test engineers are working closely with indust...
  • Metals
    Metals From reinforcement bar to tubular products, metal producers are faced with a host of testing challenges. Manufacturers of metal products must not only meet advertised strength and performance ratings, but also comply with a wide range of ASTM, ISO, EN, JIS, SAE and other international standa...
  • Composites
    Composites Sansi test offers the world's most comprehensive range of solutions for testing composite materials and components: tension, compression, shear, torsion, planar biaxial, impact, and rheological properties to name a few. In addition to quality hardware, Sansi test also offers a wide range...

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