Universal Testing Machine


Our highly skilled technical support experts are not only well-versed in the entire product line but are also astute in capturing emerging market demands around the globe.

No matter where you are and what you need, we strive to offer you top-notch solutions and service  that is our commitment.


Our strengths

Rapid customer response

Through our extensive global customer service network and comprehensive technical support system, our technical support team can respond promptly to your requests and queries, providing quality service in a timely manner.

Professional troubleshooting support

All our technical support specialists have undergone rigorous training and are constantly upgrading their skills to satisfy emerging customer demands,our customers can always count on us to provide professional consulting and feasible solutions. We never compromise in providing our customers the best technical support service.

Personalized service

Our technical support specialists are not just tech savvy but are also keen to fulfill on-demand market needs. As such, we strive to provide personalized service that is tailored to specific customer requests. Whenever there is demand, we are here to help.

Continuous follow-up

We take excellent care of our customers even after the technical support service is complete. After each issue or query is addressed, our technical support team always follows up to ensure customer satisfaction.

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