Universal Testing Machine
Full-automatic testing machine
Full-automatic testing machine

Full-automatic testing machine

This automatic tensile testing machine  provides a reliable solution for the safe and complete testing of mechanical properties of large quantities of materials.

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    GB/T 2611,GB/T 16825.1,GB/T 228.1
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Full-automatic testing machine

Main functions

The automatic tensile testing machine can be unattended. The whole test process includes taking samples from the sample frame, cross section measurement, centering of tensile samples, automatic clamping of samples, setting of test conditions, automatic switching and centering of automatic extensometer gauge length, testing, judgment of test results, transmission of test results, waste sample collection and other processes, which are all unmanned and continuous automatic control processes The whole process of tensile test, sample unloading, hardness test and sample data uploading is fully automatic. It is composed of robot, electronic tensile testing machine, cross section dimension measuring platform, automatic extensometer, clamp type flat push clamp, etc., which can continuously complete the mechanical property test of bulk samples. It provides a reliable solution for the safe and complete testing of mechanical properties of large quantities of materials.


Main features

The electronic tensile testing machine measures the tensile force through the load sensor. The automatic extensometer can complete the automatic clamping and loosening of the measuring arm under the control of the software, and can track the sample fracture, and test the integrity of data collection.

Under the control of the software, the clamping and unclamping of the sample can be completed automatically.

The sample size measurement platform mainly completes the automatic measurement of the sample cross section size. Under the control of the management software, it can judge and self-calibrate, and the obtained data is automatically input into the computer system to complete the input of the sample information.

The whole system management software has the automatic monitoring function for all parts during the whole test process. In case of any abnormality, it will automatically deal with it according to the situation, such as closing the electronic tensile testing machine, the automatic extensometer and the hydraulic double-acting flat pushing clamp, closing the robot feeding system and the size measuring platform for the safety test.

The measurement and control system automatically controls the whole test process. On the one hand, it can complete the automatic clamping of the extensometer, the automatic adjustment of the gauge length, the automatic clamping and loosening of the clamp. On the other hand, it can also automatically complete the collection of the test value and the analysis and storage of the test results.


GB/T 2611General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines

GB/T 16825.1 Inspection of static uniaxial testing machines - Part 1: Inspection and calibration of the force-measuring system of tension and/or pressure testing machines

GB/T 228.1 Metallic materials - Tensile test - Part 1: Room temperature test method

Host frame:

The upper crossbeam and worktable are fixed with high-strength light bars to form a high rigidity frame structure; The high-precision ball screw without clearance is adopted to improve the transmission efficiency and displacement accuracy; The coaxiality of the testing machine is good (<8%). The upper, middle and lower beams are made of QT600-3 ductile iron with tensile strength of 60k (600MPa) and yield strength of 40k (400Mpa). The corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron are better than that of cast steel. Due to the microstructure of nodular graphite of ductile iron, it is better than cast steel in reducing vibration energy, so it is more conducive to reducing stress.

Control transmission system:

Automatic control system: the whole set of tensile test system is placed in the safety protection fence. The specific layout in the safety protection fence shall be designed according to the actual situation of the site to facilitate sample loading, waste sample cleaning, repair and maintenance; Automatic sample loading system: It is required to automatically realize sample grabbing, conveying, loading and parallel part centering. The action is smooth, the repeated positioning accuracy is high, safe and reliable. After the test, the broken sample sorting, the broken sample automatic clamping and unloading can be realized. It is required to move smoothly, safely and reliably。

Force measuring sensor:

Adopt imported strain gauge load sensor with high stability and precision; The high-precision measurement system with high stability ensures that the resolution of the whole process remains unchanged, and the maximum error of the test force indication is not more than ± 0.5%. Multiple load sensors can be used according to different ways to realize the multi-range test force range measurement; Good temperature compensation, high sensitivity, high rigidity and good long-term stability.


Hydraulic double-sided parallel push automatic tensile test fixture, sample parallel clamping, left and right collets can automatically adjust the synchronization, clamping force can be adjusted according to different sample materials, two-way symmetrical clamping; With hydraulic power system, it has the function of preventing iron oxide from falling off the tensile sample, which can be controlled manually and automatically;


CMT3200 servo control system

Real-time and dynamic display of test process and test curve, data processing through modular software, data re-analysis and editing of curve amplification, output of test reports and curve patterns in different formats, and support networking for data transmission.

Introduction to the CMT3200 servo control system:

1.CMT3200 controller system uses the servo measurement and control box and measurement and control software developed by our company to form the measurement and control system. The measurement unit uses high-precision load sensor, rotary photoelectric encoder and electronic extensometer, which can realize the three closed-loop control of the load, displacement and deformation of the electronic universal testing machine, and can achieve smooth switching between the three control modes, and also can achieve low cycle fatigue test, It has the characteristics of high control accuracy, strong adaptability and good stability.

2.Adopt Cortex_ As the main control chip, M3's 32-bit high-speed ARM chip has high-speed operation speed and high-speed data processing capability, thus achieving accurate closed-loop control of the testing machine;

3.Support data acquisition of 6 channels and independent control of 6 channels;

4.The 6-channel channel supports online sensor identification, and the calibration table does not need to be modified to replace the sensor.

5.Built-in expansion interface, combined with external acquisition module, can collect various types of sensor signals;

6.The load channel and extensometer channel can support up to 1.6KHz acquisition and control, and the maximum effective sampling code can reach 500000, and the sampling frequency can be switched at any time;

7.The photoelectric encoder position acquisition module uses a special hardware module with a built-in 24-level filter to reshape and filter the collected pulse signal, avoiding the error count caused by the interference of the position pulse acquisition system, and more effectively ensuring the position measurement accuracy.

8.With internal and external 2-way load sensor interfaces, 2-way load sensors can be connected at the same time;

9.It supports 1 channel of large deformation channel, 2 channels of photoelectric encoder signals, and composite control algorithms such as sum, difference and average.

10.Support three closed-loop control modes of load, displacement and deformation (including extensometer, large deformation and dial indicator), and can switch between the three control modes at will;

11.It adopts Ethernet communication interface, supports automatic online scheme, and does not need to set IP address.

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Full-automatic testing machine
Full-automatic testing machine
This automatic tensile testing machine  provides a reliable solution for the safe and complete testing of mechanical properties of large quantities of materials.
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